About Us

Our mission here at Resource Lab is to contribute to solving global environmental problems. Our goal is to increase awareness of these problems and empower those individuals who want to take action. We have spent a year as a part of an experimental project conducted by the Copenhagen Municipality called the “Goldmine”. Having a base in one of Copenhagen’s Recycling Stations, we go to see first hand what happens to products and materials at the end of their lifecycle.

Through this experience we have learned about the GRIM outlook of our planet and the inconceivable amount of waste, out of which very little gets to be recycled or reused. Although Municipalities all across the world are making an effort to find use for this waste, the flow of waste continues to increase in our ever consuming culture. We believe that the best way to tackle these environmental problems is through the power of the individual choice. Not only is it important for people to be aware of how their consumption habits affect the world they live in, but by providing people with resources and the tools necessary we can empower those individuals that have the ingenuity to reuse this waste streams or produce sustainable alternatives.